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Preservation of Product
DOC ID: 714


To establish documented instructions to preserve the conformity of product during internal processing and delivery, to include identification, handling, packaging, storage and protection.


These instructions apply to all material from receipt of parts to delivery of product.


  • MRC personnel are responsible for:
    • Ensuring shelf life sensitive labels are affixed to ensure the expiration date is legible.
    • Reviewing shelf life sensitive items prior to issuance and if found with an expired date, issue to the Maintenance Dept for disposal.
    • Providing Traceability on orders when required by Sales Order.
  • Manufacturing Engineering is responsible for:
    • Determining the degree of packaging necessary during manufacturing to control Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection and preservation/corrosion.
    • Assessing the availability and appropriateness of existing packaging materials/containers, and design new items as required to support Assembly and Test activities.
    • Indicating in the Work Instructions the points at which special protection and handling must be introduced to insure that all items are protected from deterioration or damage.
  • Business Administration is responsible for:
    • Arranging for the preparation and sign-off of the DD250, DD1149, packing sheet or other shipping documents, when applicable.
    • Creating the pick slip.
    • Forwarding the pick slip and other applicable shipping documents to Packaging and Cleaning.
  • Quality Engineering is responsible for:
    • Reviewing applicable shipping documents and data packages (if required) prior to GSI/CSI review.
    • Notifying GSI for final review after verification and approval that the shipping documents and data package (if applicable) is complete.
    • Flowdown of ESD requirements to suppliers by assigning associated quality clauses to part numbers and identifying any other specific ESD requirements.
  • Shipping personnel are responsible for:
    • Packaging the hardware per the instructions in the Sales Order
    • Notifying Quality Engineer when packaging and documentation are complete and ready for review.
    • Attaching appropriate documentation to packing list (i.e. DD250, Certificate of Compliance, Authorization Letter).
  • Clean Room and Packaging are responsible for:
    • Cleaning and packaging articles, components, and unit parts in accordance with Carleton Process Specifications (CPS) Work Instructions and Sales Order requirements.
    • Providing lot number, serial number and revision letter on pick slip
    • Preparing data packages
  • Planner/Buyer is responsible for:
    • Ensuring contract flowdown requirements are clearly described in Purchase Orders to suppliers as identified by the Quality Engineer.
  • Assembly and Test Personnel are responsible for:
    • Forwarding floor stock items with expired shelf life to maintenance for disposal.

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