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Systems and Procedures System Help Questions


Is there a way to save the pages I'm viewing?
Yes. You can save the pages you wish by clicking on the Save Bookmark button. This will store the page along with any other pages that you've saved. The pages will be saved until you wish to delete them.

How can I view my Bookmarks?
Click on the Bookmarks button in the left Navigation area, or click the View Bookmarks button in the top Navigation area.


What is the best way to view the Systems and Procedures site?
The Systems and Procedures site is designed for use with Microsoft Internet Explorer only. The browser window should also be maximized. Your monitor resolution should be set to 1024 x 768 True Color (24 Bit). For further assistance, submit an IT Request

Sometimes the text seems too large/small. Can I change it?
Yes. You can change the display size of the text by going to the "View" menu and choosing "Text Size". There you can change the size of the text. Keep in mind that the Systems and Procedures site is best viewed with the text size set to the default or "medium". In addition, changing the the text size may not work on all pages.


Why can't I access the Administration area?
This area is for System Administrators only.

It noticed a problem on the site. How do I fix it? Or who do I call?
Contact the IT group.

I received the error: "A runtime error has occurred. Do you wish to Debug? Yes No". What should I do?
Click NO, and notify the IT team.


How can I tell where I am in the Systems and Procedures site?
The Navigation area at the top of the page shows where you are within the Systems and Procedures site. As you navigate further into the system, the Navigation area at the top will show each category and sub category, so you can easily see where you are.

The Navigation area showed me where I was, but after I clicked a link, the navigation area changed and I'm somewhere else in the system. How do I get back to where I was?
There are 2 ways: Clicking the "Back" button in the browser, or clicking the "back" arrow in the upper right hand corner of the screen. This can happen when a link takes you to a different section of the system.


What areas of the site can I search?
The search screen searches Summary, Generic and Flow Chart Documents. Simply type the word or phrase that you’re looking for, the area you wish to search and all the documents found will be displayed. When searching for a document by DOC ID, simply select the DOC ID button and enter the DOC ID. Alternatively, you can highlight or select text, and click on the search button in the top navigation bar and it will automatically perform the search on all content.

Is there any advanced search functionality?
Yes. From any page, you can select text, and simply click the search icon to perform a search on the selected text throughout the system. This makes it very easy to find what you're looking for.

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