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Customer Supplied Product
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To ensure products and intellectual property supplied by the customer are verified, stored and maintained properly; and nonconformances are reported to the customer.


This procedure applies to products / items supplied by the customer under terms of a contract


  • 3.1              Receiving Operator

    The Receiving Operator is responsible for:

    ·        Receiving, documenting and verifying quantity, part number and condition of the product per QAP-011 (Control of Government/Customer Property Procedure);

    ·        Notifying the Aerospace Team Leader (who is deemed the Property Manager) of problems per QAP-011 (Control of Government/Customer Property Procedure);

    ·        Processing acceptable customer supplied product per PTD-7.5, Product and Service Provision;

    ·        Handling and storing product according to PTD-7.5.5, Preservation of Product


    3.2              Quality Assurance Department

    The Quality Assurance Department is responsible for:

    ·        Performing receiving inspections per PTD-, Inspection Documentation;

    ·        Releasing and tagging accepted product per the Control of     Government/Customer Property Procedure;

    ·        Notifying the Contractor Property Manager non-conformances per QAP-011 (Control of Government/Customer Property Procedure).

    ·        Documenting the notification (document contact and disposition);

    ·        Maintaining the notification to the customer as a Quality Record per PTD-4.2.4, Control of Quality Records.

    3.3              Operators

    Operators are responsible for

    ·        Verifying, logging, recording and releasing material per QAP-011 (Control of Government/Customer Property Procedure).

    3.4              Engineering Manager

    The Engineering Manager is responsible for:

    ·        Will act as the “Property Manager” and the contact person for all government or customer supplied intellectual property per QAP-011 (Control of Government/Customer Property Procedure).


Control of Government/Customer Property Procedure


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