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Product ID and Traceability
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To ensure product is properly identified by suitable means through product realization, to ensure traceability is maintained when required by the customer order or by regulatory agencies.


This procedure applies to all products from receipt, during storage, in-process and until shipment.


  • 3.0              Responsibility

    3.1              All Employees

    All Employees are responsible for:

    ·        Maintaining product identification of all product from receipt, during production and until shipment of finished product;

    ·        Performing Oracle moves as parts are processed.

    ·        Documenting and identifying products on the applicable Manufacturing Process documents:

    ·        Specific serial numbers (when appropriate), lot numbers, including material lot changes;

    ·        Fiber and resin system lot numbers.


    3.2          Receiving Operator

    The Receiving Operator is responsible for:

    ·        Ensuring product (critical parts) received is identified with a part number, lot number or part description;

    ·        When receiving liners, verifying that the Supplier’s Liner Product ID & Traceability sheet is accurate and attaches an inventory label to the box containing the liners.


    3.3          3rd Party Agency (DOT Products only)

    The Quality Assurance is responsible for:

    ·        Reviewing changes made to the Cylinder Production/Test Log and the Mfg. Materials Record as traceability records per PTD-4.2.4, Control of Records.


                           3.4        Quality Assurance

    The Quality Assurance is responsible for:

    ·        Verifying the configuration (revision level) of the drawing matches the Drawings Revisions List before starting inspections.  The Engineering Manager controls the Drawings Revisions List. If the revisions do not match, stop work and contact your supervisor.  Record drawing revision on Liner Inspection and Final Inspection Forms.

    ·        Identify, Segregate and Record Non-conforming Product per PTD-8.3, Control of Non-conforming Product

    ·        Performing Oracle moves as parts are inspected.

  • 4.0              Serialization of Product Defined.

    ·        Product serialization requirements are defined by the specific work order for the given product being produced. 


    5.0              Lot Definition.

    1)      Each commercial product lot will be defined per regulations, as follows: 

    (1)    No more than 200 continuous products (lot acceptance destructive products excluded) produced on one setup (defined as a single machine/program setup) for carbon.

    (a)   The glass over-wrap shall be setup on the same machine as the carbon over-wrap or on a second machine.

    (b)   Different liner manufacturers if used in a single production lot would necessitate a cycle/burst test for each manufacturer.  If more than one liner lot from the same manufacturer is used, it would necessitate a cycle/burst test for each unless the liner lot was previously tested.

    (c)    In no cases should a lot of liners be untested. This begins effective 2/23/06 .  If a liner lot is not tested, we will follow our NCMR procedure.


Inspection and Test Status


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