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Customer Satisfaction
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Customer satisfaction is the key to success. Carleton Technologies Inc. Pressure Technology Division (PTD) strives to delight our customers with the products and services provided to them. Receiving communication from our customers about our business, and where we may need improvement, helps us to make certain that our business continues to meet their expectations.


This procedure defines the Carleton PTD process for gathering customer feedback data for analyzing. Customer Feedback data is a key indicator of the overall performance of the Quality System. A customer satisfaction survey is one way to gather this vital information. The Customer Satisfaction Survey was created to solicit feedback about our company, its products and systems.


  • 3.1 The Business Development Manager (or designee):

    Selecting Customers and Administering Surveys by phone, mail, fax, web, or e-mail. The survey shall be conducted, and results gathered prior to each management review meeting. At least 15 customers must be surveyed. The majority of the recipients should be the higher volume (revenue) customers. A minimum of one customer from each product family must be surveyed.

    Survey Reporting information will be gathered and reported during the Management Review in accordance with Section 3.3 of Process # PTD-4.2.2 (Quality System) of the Quality System Manual.

    3.2 Management Team

    The management team will review the data and decide if any actions are warranted.

    If actions are warranted, a Corrective Action Report (CAR) will be generated, and feedback provided to all customers affected. Corrective actions shall be handled in accordance with Process # PTD-8.5 Improvement, Corrective and Preventive Action of the Quality System Manual.


Customer Survey


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