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Quality Management System
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To ensure a documented system exists to insure that product conforms to specified requirements


This procedure applies to the structure of the Quality System and the method in which Carleton Technologies Inc., Pressure Technologies Division operates


  • The Management Team is responsible for ensuring documented procedures are developed and effectively implemented to comply with ISO-9001, AS9100, and customer specific requirements.
  • All employees are responsible for following the documented procedures and for submitting suggested additions/changes to the appropriate member of the Management Team (OST).


Quality System
The Quality System identifies the purpose, scope, responsibilities and references for all processes needed to consistently provide product that meets customer requirements.

Procedures identify the flow of work, the documents required, and the steps necessary to carryout the requirements of the standard. They may be in the form of process maps or word documents.

Work Instructions and Userís Guides
Work instructions and userís guides identify the steps necessary to carry out a specific activity. They may be in the form of process maps, word documents, and representative examples.

Quality Records
Quality Records are maintained to demonstrate compliance with the quality system and as data to implement changes to the quality system. Copies of all forms/records used to document product quality are maintained in the Quality System.



Quality System Matrix


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